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Amazon FBA Warehouse

Here at Mad Progress Marketing we can help you to get your slow moving inventory moving via an online retail sales channel called Amazon FBA.

We’ll help you to increase your sales using Amazon’s FBA program.

This is where you ship your inventory in to an Amazon warehouse and let them handle all of the shipping, customer service, returns, etc.

Is Selling Product On Amazon Easy?

There’s quite a bit to it, and most people/companies get it wrong, and they often end up with very little to no sales at all.

Amazon FBA Selling Facts

The fact is this – if you can get your product to come up on the first page of Amazon’s search result when people type in your keyword(s), you will make sales – often times a lot of sales – and those sales will remain consistent if you have a product that people want.

We have a proprietary method of getting products onto the first page of Amazon’s search results that works 80% (or more) of the time, and we often can get a product showing up there within 60 days or so.

How Much Do You Charge?

Depending on your (current online sales) situation (and what your product/product line is) we may not even charge you a “Client Onboarding Fee”, but most times we do.  See video #2 for more information.  We also sometimes agree with you to collect an ongoing percentage (sales commission) of all of these new sales we are helping you to generate.  (more details in our client call – if we have one)

What’s This All About?

online sales channel consultants

You can tap into the power of Amazon’s FBA program and multiply your sales.

What Companies or Products Do Well With This Program?

Here’s who we are looking for…. small or large manufacturers and wholesalers/distributors who have exclusive rights to sell a specific product (or group of products/product line).

We work with those who can contribute (at a discount from retail price – not free) a minimum of 100 – 300 units of their inventory for promotional purposes, and also are willing/able to invest approximately $500/month (for the first three months or so) for online advertising, product promotion, etc.  (these numbers are not set in stone – but that’s gist of the minimum amount you’d need to participate).

We usually charge a “client on boarding fee” that can run from $600 all the way up to $5,000 – this fee depends on your current online selling situation – if you already have products in an Amazon warehouse, etc.

We sometimes will agree to charge a percentage of your net sales (for a reduced “onboarding fee”) that are generated on Amazon through our efforts.  This percentage varies between 15% – 25%.

We are looking for “exclusive online rights” to handle the sales of your product(s) through Amazon’s FBA program.  If you are already selling online in other channels that is okay – and we even (occasionally) make exceptions on the whole “exclusive online rights” statement above.

What If We Are Already Selling Online?

If you have a product that you are already selling online,  that’s fine, but everyone’s situation is different, so CONTACT US  and tell us what you have.

What We Will Do For You and Your Product/Product Line

  • We Promote Your Product(s)
  • We help develop your Brand.
  • We Establish A Vibrant Online Sales Channel For You Via the Amazon FBA Program
  • You Supply The Inventory
  • Amazon Handles All  the Shipping & Handling and Customer Service (once your product is in their warehouse)
  • We Help You Promote Your Product(s)
  • We Handle The Press Releases (and other advertising) Promoting Your Product(s)
  • We Get People Talking About Your Product(s) On Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other Social Media Sites.
  • We Do The Promotion (with your help – and approval on everything). You Can (pretty much) Sit Back And Watch The Sales Start Rolling In.

More Details Please

We (and our associates) have developed a proprietary method for getting products on the first page of Amazon’s search results (for your product’s keywords).  We are internet marketers by trade.

Why Do You Do This?

To develop more customers of course.  We want to develop a long term relationship with you.  If we are successful you are successful and will want to do more business with us.

What’s Next?

Tell us what you’d like to sell more of online. See THIS PAGE.

You can send us a picture or two of your product, (or supply us with a URL of where we can see it online) the UPC code of the product, (if you have one), the quantity of product per case, your telephone number/email so we can call you back and talk about things, and if we all agree that our process is a good fit for you then we’ll get started.  It’s actually that easy.

Once again – fill out the details of your product ON THIS PAGE to get the process started.


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How Can I Sell Products That I Make Online?

While running this internet marketing company I often get asked by people who make their own products (from home – in the back yard shop – or even on their kitchen table) how they should get started selling online, they also often ask if I can make a website for them.

Note:  This article is not aimed at large manufacturers, wholesalers, or distributors – if you are one of these, we have a different article about opening up new online (high volume) sales channels.  You can access that info HERE.

lady asking how can I sell my craft products online image

Many people wonder what is the best way to sell the products they make (at home) online.

Below is my response to just one of these questions. The question was posed by a guy who makes custom metal art in his shop at home.

With his permission I have included a link to what he has going on online right now.  See this Facebook page.

(I’ve added additional pertinent information (videos, etc.) here since my initial (email) response to him)


How Much $ To Build A Website For Me?

Hi …. ,

Thanks for getting in touch.  Nice job on the “Man Cave” sign.  I took a look at your FB page.  Very nice.

I’m not currently building websites for individuals, but I do have some recommendations for you to check out.

Etsy image1) Have you heard of

I highly recommend you get set up on there.Only 20 cents to list an item – no membership fees – and the commission charge is reasonable when you sell an item.

Thousands of people search for and buy stuff on there every day. Here’s a search I did on Etsy for “custom metal art”:

Lots of people selling similar stuff to what you do. It would be real easy for you to upload some photos of your work and essentially copy (and put into your own words) what the other sellers are doing/saying in their descriptions.

Etsy Video

Below is an excellent video done by Christian Thayer that talks about Etsy and how to promote your products, get followers, and other good online product marketing tips.

With Etsy you have a ready made audience as with Amazon (see below).

I’m pretty sure Etsy will handle customer payments for you too.

Shopify image2) If you are more “hands on” and want to (or additionally to Etsy) build a stand alone website I recommend that you check out

I think it’s $30/month for a basic account, but they give you the first couple of weeks free.

You’d need to do a lot more work as well as “internet promotion” to get your stuff noticed – that takes time, the other options I mention here are far better for getting started – or at least taking the next step in addition to what you have going on with Facebook.

I could help you out with the “promotion” part, but having your own store on your own website is usually a “very long row to hoe” and you’ll have to pay upfront for the pleasure as well – lol.

Below is a Shopify Review video made by  Ryan from Web Eminence.

If you do get set up with your own store on Shopify (or one of the other e-commerce platforms) and you aren’t getting enough visitors then contact me again and we can talk about how to get you some more customers.


3) If you are making “ready made signs” (like ‘Joe’s Garage’, etc.)in addition to your custom work then you can get a lot of exposure by listing on

They have a couple of different options/routes you can take. You can even send your inventory in to their warehouse(s) using their (Amazon FBA) program and your items would likely rank high in their search box results because they always list their “shipped by Amazon” products at the top of the results.

You can also list (for $1 an item I think) on Amazon and ship from your shop. They also have “store” options that you can pay for.  If your stuff is really good you can even advertise it on Amazon, Facebook, and other high traffic sites using their ad platforms.

See: (Jordan Malik)


Regular Advertising

You can pay for ads (as mentioned above) on Google (adwords), Facebook, Amazon, and other sites, but where are you going to send the people who click on the ad?   You need a website right?  Well… it doesn’t have to be your “domain”.  If you set up an Etsy store, or a Shopify store, you can advertise and send them right to your store – or even your Ebay listing (see below).


5 – 10) There’s a ton more advice I could give you, but those are my top recommendations for now. If you aren’t on Ebay (with ready made products) you should consider that too.


Hope this helps and feel free to contact me at any time – I’m usually full of free advice.

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